Thursday, November 11, 2010

while listen to his speech...

This is Ete

he listen to Obama's speech while he visit Indonesia
maybe later this pict will remind us to Obama's trip...


Rungkut, Surabaya


It's Denny in  Manyar, Surabaya

he is friend of my contributor, Tegar Hasadi !

what a gifted toe!

it plays PSP!

hahahahahahahhaha... funny!


where is my gift, Mit?

this is my friend, Mitra... when she was travelled to Singapore!

touch down Changi!!!


barefoot on Vivo City!
what were you doing there?

National Geographic Museum!!!
always wanna be there..

Somerset! shopping?

Thank you, Mitra..

send me more!

nice picts from @sheillena !



I admire the mosaic! hail the installer!

sorry for wait to long.. I just be able to post these now :D

Hola! these are picts from our contributor, @sheillena and his boyfriend, Aswin
they were walked in Grand Indonesia..
the floors are beautiful!
there are many themes in there with great concepts!
show me more... and more... !

, where are you now?