Thursday, September 30, 2010

time to pray!

have you pray, today?

I heart the colors of the Sajadah

thanks to @d380uL , Sawah Besar, Jakarta

banker's office hour!

hi, banker... haha
busy office hour?

thanks to @d380uL , Sawah Besar, Jakarta 

Giant Chessboard!

Hi! from a teacher on a giant chessboard
in Bandung

how the ceramic floors arranged... and the colors were remind me to a diner...

thanks to Ardiles... 

my way to start the day!

with Betty Boop pajamas... I love to walk barefoot (bad habit)...

Walking barefoot on ceramic floors...

"Good morning..."

Sunny day in Canberra !

hallo, @JuanitaNoviana

Sunny in Canberra?

love the ground pict...
ps: tempting toes!

Transjakarta bus stop!

hallo, @amoyjelly

where are you going?

i love the steel... the pattern is great!

Sarah Paramita , interior designer

shiny shoes from Surabaya !

shiny shoes from Surabaya too :D
cool path...!

happy office hour for you, guys!

office hour in Surabaya!

good morning Surabaya!

thank you for your time...

from @tegarhasadi , PLN (National electricity company) -Surabaya

recess time in Dental Clinic

hi, doc!
she was on her recess time on a dental clinic...

thanks @radenkusumadewi

Hallo from Candi Ratu Boko - Central Java

Hallo, Kireina!

I think it was a hot day in Central Java....

thank you...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hot day on West Java airfield!

it's me on West-Java airfield!
it was a hot day for an Air Show..
but it's fun...

quality time!

having a quality time on holiday!

meet @agungwinaya
an interior designer

the ground covers!

located in Tangkuban Parahu, West-Java

at the class!

converse rules!
who's was in the pict?

yellow limestone...

actually, it got some yellowish line.. but it cannot be seen in the pict...
it is limestone... big slab..
when i said big.. it was really big slab..
i dunno where she got it???

just like the old times!

this is an old flooring type.. the owner hunt it down...
it's beautiful...
i heart the flower pattern! really got old Javanese ambience...
she combined it with concrete floor..
it was made from clay.. no glossy...

concrete floor!

i love concrete floor!
this is one of good example of concrete floor.. it got some yellow grain... smooth...

hallo friends!

students in Bandung on the street!
who doesn't love converse??

cold white marble!

the ambience of this room was very cold..
maybe because the marble ???

remind me to Japanese hand-fan

white, red, and grey granite!
the grey part got bigger grains!
it's remind me to a hand-fan.. from Japan...

sun rays!

it's fun to pict what i stepped.. haha
this made from marble...


somewhere on La Codefin, Kemang

stripe stripe marble

it's marble!
multi color marble...
new polished... soooo... shiny!

strapped !

it's @superbublee again...
on honed stone floor!
ps: nice shoes, girl.... xoxo

cracked stone

me on cracked limestone

hexagonal !

hallo @agungwinaya !

...somewhere in ITB, Bandung

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the moderator's day

i really got nothing to do today...
thanks for all the participants!

it's me... an Interior Designer

cinderella's office day!

meet @superbublee

an interior designer
also my college friend

a t-shirt maker's day!

this is my senior's...
Ade.. she lives in Burbank...
a tshirt-maker from Milkandeggsco

a sports journalist's office hour

thanks to @Aprizya a sports journalist
a sweet high school friend ♥♥♥

a monster's office our

this is my friend @ 
thank you....

cool sparkling granite!

it was made from shell... it's cool..
I love the sparkling...

white onyx

on a house...

pebbles on Saung Wargi

I got this silly idea!

yes... i really want to make my second blog.. but i dunno what will be the topic...
after few months.. now... i think about
the feet... my foot... on various stepping material...
various objects!

yeah what ever..

just continue posting!!!