Saturday, October 23, 2010

just strollin around!

Walk the path at Benton, karawaci..
Nice saturday morning!

thank you @d380uL !

send me more!

cold feet?

this is our another contributor @sheillena 's sister
she was get cold in Lembang, Jawa Barat

cute pink socks.... vintage blanket!

cute shoes on the site!

meet our contributor again, @superbublee
she said she was mistakenly wore those cute shoes for meeting in the construction site..
look... the ground was still covered by multiplex!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SMILE, everybody!

good morning!

a smile frome me.. pass it to your next person!

a cat under me!

what a cute cat! KAWAII!

i was made from  tiny rubber that compressed and painted
the rubber was like on Futsal's synthetic grass arena...
this was located in children playground..
outside the apartment.. yup! an outdoor treatment!
so, when children fell.. they won't hurt.

sky train!

hoahmm... I'm so sleepy....
look th confetti on the carpet!
it's a fun pattern!
i put my backpack inside the pict.. it was thin.. but when I back it was floated!

alone at the side of the river!

hmmm.... it was a hot day!..
thank god I brought the wheat grass juice...
I was at Clarke Quay
don't know what to do.. next... 

do you know the name of the flowers?

I heart the purple flowers!!!!
really sweet!

i love the dots!

it was located along Orchard roads..
the dots was made from steel...
i dunno with you.. but i enjoy to step on it... and slide over it!
it felt weird...

faux grass!

i used this material for my final assignment.. actually, I was made up about the material.. i can't believe it was real in Singapore.. hahahahah

the train

i was travel in the MRT on Singapore...

it's cold!

the flooring material i guess it was a laminate?

Changi Airport! touch down!

hola! I was went to travel.. by myself..
with a backpack...
it was my first time to overseas alone.. and flew experience after 10 years..

i love the color of the carpet... it was reminded me to a sport jacket.. an old one that made from parachutes.. ahahahahha


thanks again @sheillena
the path is very nice...!
i bet the weather was fresh in Lembang, Jawa Barat!

and i really love your skirt's color....!

day in office!

hallo @sheillena !

thanks for the pict..
love your ankle boots....
have a nice day in your office!

Monday, October 11, 2010

10.10.10 Pasar Seni ITB!

it's @superbublee way to Pasar Seni ITB 2010!

fool me.. I forgot to picture my own foot... fool....

thank you!

Hey ciwalk..!

Hey Ciwalk.. Long time no see :)

I love Cihampelas Walk ( Ciwalk ) in Bandung.. especially the new design of it...

thank you @sheillena 

Friday, October 1, 2010

love.. love.. love...!

start the day with love...!

today my stocking stole Aleyndra's attention...

Aleyndra is my landlord's grandson.. he is 5 years old...
this is the backyard where he loves to play...
the garden got many love shaped stepping stone... funny!

Step on the clouds!

Sunset on Balikpapan's beach?

the clouds remind me to cotton candy... sweet!

 Thank You, Ade from Balikpapan...

envy you!

what a day in Dreamland beach, Bali

thanks Livina and her brother...

envy you!

slip mat!

good morning Mitra...

this is assistant design director's view in this morning...

how's Gedebage today?

your the first one who got slip mat under your shoes in this blog :D